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Pink or Red

I share a quandry. I leave red meat aside for Lent and since last year’s 40 days I have yet to feast on a piece of fine aged beef like this rib of the rare breed Podolica, much less the … Continue reading

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Swiss Chard isn’t Swiss. It’s Babylonian

Finding some fresh cut Swiss Chard this morning, Joy just had to buy a bunch. The leaves were squeaky and shiny; the stalks were near pure white. None of that limp stuff you see in our local farmers’ market – made worse by … Continue reading

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Real Veal can’t be Bettered

This country really messed up on veal.  Meat lovers happy enough to eat lambs decided 15-20 years or so back they couldn’t possibly eat calves. Don’t they realise that across all species, us included, Nature’s ratio of male to female … Continue reading

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This Ragu’s no ‘Burger

I’m making a Ragu – I want to share my technique. I’m no baker so have no truck with recipes per se – techniques and genuine tricks thrill me. Continue reading

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