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The Little Twists and Turns

‘New moo read’ is what I swore Valentina Fortunato said, leaning across from the back seat in the mud-spattered 4X4  as we bumped and wove through flooded roads from a farm to restaurant – we were talking meat and we’d … Continue reading

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Swiss Chard isn’t Swiss. It’s Babylonian

Finding some fresh cut Swiss Chard this morning, Joy just had to buy a bunch. The leaves were squeaky and shiny; the stalks were near pure white. None of that limp stuff you see in our local farmers’ market – made worse by … Continue reading

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“Even Horse won’t Eat” – Water Melons are here

The markets and Mediterranean shops are filling up with the season’s first shipments of water melons. Deliciously special when they are good.  Atrociously ‘so what’ when they are not.  So how to choose a good one? Two stories in one here. I … Continue reading

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