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Learning on the Wing with ‘Mr Blackbird’

First it was Martina in Valencia.  Today it’s Monsieur Merle from Paris.  In all the years I knew him I never asked his first name- he was father to my good friend Dominique and just retired when I first met … Continue reading

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No Chewing over this Fat

Michelangelo compared his sculpted Carrara marble figures to the colour and texture of Lardo di Colonnata – it is said. To think of Lardo makes me wish to be in Italy now, this minute. Continue reading

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Martina – Learning from a Kitchen Angel, Language Aside

There was a lady in Valencia called Martina.  She’d left her family in a country village near Teruel at the age of 14 or less to go into service with the Casanova’s, a grand old Valenciana family – famous in their glory days … Continue reading

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Post Script on ‘Twin Beaks’

It came to me on a farmyard somewhere near the beautiful hilltop hamlet of Pomeroy in Northern Ireland early one morning that chickens know they are Free Range, but don’t know nor care, they’re Organic.  The flock was just out of the house … Continue reading

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‘Twin Beaks’ and Cherry Pie

Rolls Royce Chickens – merde mes braves – there’s more to a factory hybrid built up to huge carcase weight. This is anti-gastronomy. Stop please. The joke must end soon. Continue reading

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Fish Fight. Oh Yeah?

Back into Folkstone last weekend to buy fish straight off the family-owned day boats.  Dover soles as big as a giant’s feet – probably 18-20 years old, around £5 each and still stiff with freshness.  Uncooked crevettes, from the other side … Continue reading

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‘Wabi-Sabi’ – 5 Spoons, each from their own little Avalon

This is a reasonably serious post – as serious as any I might write.  As a Private Eye reader since school days, I’d prefer  my readers not to think I’m writing a column about ‘slebs and their spoons as the Eye … Continue reading

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