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My Predictions (and Hopes) for 2012

Like one of those dungaree’d and hatted, larger-than-life heroes who appear as the Ice Road Truckers, I’m venturing out onto the thin ice carrying a heavy load with my predictions for this year. Pushing aside the gloom about how tough the … Continue reading

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My Sons have got their Chapon

No apologies for the pun, but it made me chuckle as I prepared one last glorious exit for our magnificent Chapon de Bresse. After its centre stage rôle at the Christmas Feast and later was served in the most exquisite sandwiches with … Continue reading

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A Classic called Caesar from Mexico, not Rome

On the back of the Danny Kaye famed chicken salad here’s an even greater salad composition that’s stood the test of time - the Caesar Salad which arrived around 90 years ago with its star studded heritage. There are plenty culinary poopers on sale, … Continue reading

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