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Hey Presto, it’s Pesto al Mortaio

St Patrick’s Day 2012 will be very different for me and all the better for that – with respect to friends Donal, Joe, the Millikens, et al. No Guinness, no cabbage and bacon – instead I’ll be in the beautiful, historic … Continue reading

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See Ya at the SIA

Like the Stones’ 2nd EP, ‘Get Your Ya-ya’s Out!’, I’m in Paris at the world’s finest food fair, and it’s ‘ya-ya’s’ all the way. I first started coming when it was much more an agricultural show – even then, better … Continue reading

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SIA 2012 will be Ferrets to Foie Gras, Fine Foods and All

Excitement builds across France this week, as well as for this writer - I’m like a 5 year old those few days before Christmas Eve. Why? Because we are a few days off the opening of the ‘grande spectacle’ that is the 2012 … Continue reading

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Proust’s Legacy makes us all Beneficiaries

As a serious 19th century writer, Marcel Proust possibly did more for the populace for cake than he did with his books. Those few opening lines about how nibbling at a madeleine transported him almost immediately back to a happy childhood at his grandmother’s house in Cabourg (Normandy) … Continue reading

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The Monogamous Fowl of the L’Aude

Guinea fowl have intrigued me for more than their flavour since I first encountered them en-masse in the L’Aude region of SW France – I could have written ‘en-floc’ (read below for why). We used to rent a house there … Continue reading

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Table Quails are Males

Quails are cute little round, feathered bundles whose sound is more a squeak than a chirrup. Their meat is less sought after than their eggs, so quails sold for cooking are the male by-product of a lucrative egg business. Animals, like … Continue reading

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‘……….since Sliced Bread’ goes the Saying

Sliced bread may have been a breakthrough in modern food manufacturing when it was first launched, following on from the dreadfully named ‘Chorley Wood Process’ for batch baking cheap bread, bleach included in every bag of flour. Then, like so much … Continue reading

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