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Mercy be, No Compromise Shopping in Italy Sud

£25 single is the going rate for a London to Brindisi flight right now and landing there is the gateway to a place for all who are passionate about ingredients. No bonus points needed for witnessing artisan ways being taking … Continue reading

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Imagine, then Realise ‘No Compromise’ Shopping

A chance meeting with the effervescent Claudio Volpetti, co-owner with brother Emilio of one of Rome’s finest food stores located on the edge of Testaccio at Via Marmorata 47, set a thought in my mind. “After Slow Food must come … Continue reading

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Happiness is a Perfectly Prepared Egg – Every Time

Most people loathe complaining – and why should they have to anyway? Best to know precisely what you’re complaining about to get the desired result. Philip Crosby laid it out perfectly 25 years ago. Check out ‘Quality is Free’. Continue reading

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