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Local = KmØ

Who can read KMØ? I make it easier – Km-Zero. ‘Local’ has been a term to confuse as much as please – much other clichés like ‘authentic’, ‘fresh’, ‘natural’, ‘home made’ that fall like snake oil from the copywriter’s pen … Continue reading

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Thrushes and Offals

Pâté des Grives we know. Hunting of thrushes continues across mainland Europe and across on the island of Cyprus. Conversation with a Turkish-Cypriot friend called Eddie, brought back happy memories of London’s own BoHo district that was Camden Town of … Continue reading

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Rome’s Spring Trinity

Cheek by jowl, but minutes by foot from Frascati’s faded but magical Villa Aldobrandini’s private gardens, we shell peas and beans, trim artichokes and chatter. We’d also visited the gardens by pulling family ties in old Frascati, so passing over … Continue reading

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