Last of the Independents

Last of the Independents – just what does it mean?

These pages are written by one who is an independent – one who has spent a lifetime engaged in food, from the farm through to the shop and supermarket. It’s all I wanted to do because growing, rearing, harvesting, butchering, cooking and serving are my fascination. It’s a world of saints and sinners. I try to pick my path through the food world to bring you the best.

Independent means free of coercion from anyone. I say what I wish to say based on experiences and what I find. I have around me many like minded independents and they honour this site by allowing me to also publish their articles. Already we have had Vicky Hayward, Michelle Smith, Giustino Catalano and Julia della Croce – these are extraordinary individuals who lead lives which enable them to write from the heart. Others who manifest independence will share these pages in weeks and months to come.

The tag ‘Last of the Independents’ is homage to Rory Gallagher, the Irish born bluesman whose anniversary of passing we celebrated on June 14th. Rory in turn took the tag for his song of the same name from the 1973 cult classic film ‘Charlie Varrick’ starring Walter Matthau. Here they both are: first up Rory playing in Paris in 1980 –

Then comes the entire film of Walter Matthau in ‘Charlie Varrick’: – hopefully I’m OK for publishing this in full.

This stuck with me when I first heard Rory’s song and his brother Donàl permits me to use it.

I hope you find all we publish here exciting, revealing, illuminating and engaging. Independence does come at a price, albeit a small one. Anyone wishing to make a monthly / annual donation to keep the show on the road and wolves and lawyers away from the door, just ask for details via

A good band of readers pledging the price of a few coffees or a bottle or two of wine will make a big difference. Thank you. Keep reading LAST OF THE INDEPENDENTS.

I am grateful to artist and friend Ruth Dent for suggesting this – – and for writer / photographer / partner Joy Davies for supporting me throughout – .


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  1. David Ashton Hill says:

    So sad an event but we need to step back and rejoice in the fact that this man’s passion and energy was focused towards an understanding of the whole realm of food how it is sourced and how it is treated from pasture to table.
    His clarity and steadfast concern in cutting out anything that was derogatory to his prime aim of producing the best is laudable. The articles, numerous, on his website deserve to be published for posterity.
    May he be cooking with the angels.

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