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  1. Darren says:

    I thought I’d introduce myself after having read your great article about Aubrac beef.

    We raise Aubrac cattle in the USA as well. Our family’s approach to marketing our beef is high-end, direct-to-the-consumer. It’s quite a unique approach to getting great meat in the hands of people who will appreciate it. If you’re of a mind, I’d love to tell you about it.

    Separately, if you publish any more writings on Aubrac beef, please let me know.

    • Gareth says:

      Hi Darren

      I am really interested – although rearing L’Aubrac in the USA might to some way from France. I came across a very energetic breed society in the Irish Republic. One of the prices for an Aubrac bull was paid by one of their members in 2013. I am planning a series on special beef breeds, so a dialogue with you would be good.

      Thank you
      Gareth (

  2. Gareth, thanks for being out there, I so enjoy your posts and also our exchanges on FB! Your posts are always full of interesting and informative information…

  3. Harold Sargeant says:

    You rss feed has not been updated since last April. Any chance of getting it working again.

  4. Gareth…now on the hunt for some”proper basil” seeds. I was wondering if you are as inundated with those horrible Chinese pine nuts as we are! They are absolutely dreadful! The real thing costs the earth here….2 Tbsp. approx. $5.00 CDN…but how the hell can you make pesto without them! I notice a lot of cooks using pistachios now…tried it not bad! Have had to very good fortune to enjoy pesto in Liguria! Yeah! It was fabulous!

  5. pasticceria in Camogli – GENOVA

  6. Tony redman says:

    I am research hing slater and cooke bisney and jones. My mothers family were the Cookes. Do you know what happened to the people who ran it in soho?

  7. chris mooney says:

    Hi gareth…..jope you are keeping well and busy……your recent postings–blogs have been fascinating,and sometimes thought-provoking. I wonder if you could find time to look at a message i sent to your thread BLUE COLLAR GASTRONOMY on april 2nd.Its an idea i’ve been toying with for a while,and have had good feedback from other sights.Does this type of site exist already,or would i be embarking on a radical approach to food and drink advertising….i’d value your comments…regards chris mooney

  8. Amanda Bower says:

    Can you email me please ?With email and contacts please-my machine crashed and I have lost everything! Thanks x

  9. Kieran Scott says:

    Hi Gareth,
    Anthony was a mentor of mine when I was in London in the late 80’s and went onto support my work through his Library for many years as well as give me advise and encouragement went I returned to New Zealand.
    I loved reading this article and was surprised to find out how close he was to Katie Stewart. But not as surprised as my partner, Tamara West who lived with Katie and dated her son Andrew for a short time in the early 90’s. I am still a working photographer thanks to Anthonys advice and my partner ( as in, Wife ) is also a photographer who specialises in Food because of the guidance and inspiration she received from Katie – whom she adored ( still does ).
    We are both a little bit stunned that we both shared a connection with those two amazing people. We’d never worked the connection out till now. So, thank you!

  10. Clare Foss-Smith says:

    Hello Gareth. I have just been speaking with Bruno Lemonde, breeder extraordinaire of Le Gournay chickens. We have a story to tell as to how we discovered this wonderful breed and, rather than write an essay here, I wonder if it would be possible for us to have a conversation on the phone? We want to go over to Normandy to collect fertile eggs and probably a foundation trio of Gournays from Bruno next year all done through the correct channels of course. Bruno gave me your name and I have tracked down this website with the hope that we can get in touch. I have left you my email address so I am hoping you can let me have your phone number so we can talk. Many thanks. Patrick and Clare Foss-Smith, Dorset

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