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There was once a pig called Jimmy

Once upon a time, many years ago near the little town of Pietralunga in the province of Perugia, a farmer had a pig called Jimmy. Jimmy was a very special pig. He was prized as a truffle hunter which is … Continue reading

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‘Ere Ear, we’re making Orecchiette

The food ‘industry’, for that is what they call it as if to separate us further from our food, has a language of its own. One term they like is ‘mouth feel’. Good pasta is about mouth feel as much … Continue reading

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Alpha Bieta and a Beta

Wherever I go I keep meeting up with Lucullus. Since friends acquired the artisan food company, Lucullus France, five or so years ago, I have built a romantic obsession with the man. The Véritable Lucullus – this foie gras mabré … Continue reading

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