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How I came to like a Brown Jolly

It took me many years to come around to liking aubergine. Moussaka in Camden Town taverna’s never helped, nor even Ratatouille on Provençal camping sites. Perhaps Fate had decided I should not get to eat a good one of either. The name … Continue reading

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Local = KmØ

Who can read KMØ? I make it easier – Km-Zero. ‘Local’ has been a term to confuse as much as please – much other clichés like ‘authentic’, ‘fresh’, ‘natural’, ‘home made’ that fall like snake oil from the copywriter’s pen … Continue reading

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A Stuffing Style with Baroque Origins

This article was first published on the ‘In Search of TASTE’ website – please visit When ‘Superwoman’ herself,  Shirley Conran, made headlines with her sound bite ‘life’s too short to stuff a mushroom’, one must only imagine ripieni left … Continue reading

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