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Matches Go Up in Flames

This writer is fed up to the back teeth with the painful extremes folks go to in matching wine and food. Is it the artichokes or the chocolate, the spices or that porchetta that have them itching to find a … Continue reading

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Even Good Wine’s all Boxed-In Nowadays

I never thought I’d write this headline or piece, but these last few months I have bought and enjoyed wine in boxes. Never say never, as the expression goes. I have been happily buying and enjoying table wine out of boxes that were previously used … Continue reading

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Crystal Clear – a ‘New’ Top Solution

They say that ‘New’ is one of the powerful words in food and drink marketing, so please read on to learn of an elegant solution to a viral problem that’s leap-frogged ugly technology. Itself a rare thing in today’s pressed and … Continue reading

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