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The Night I came Home in Lecce

When the remarkable bursts through to surprise after a day which began excitedly at 02h00, life again takes one of its funny turns. Food and cooking for me, when I eat out or I’m at at the stove, is about … Continue reading

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A Funny Little Bird

Chicken may be my first bird love as a cook, but all poultry sits well in my back catalogue. When I hear ‘Civitavecchia’ sung loud in ‘Tosca’ I immediately remember my first taste of quail (quaglia). In a roadside inn … Continue reading

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All Fingers and Thumbs

Mozzarella grows on you. Unlike most cheeses, mozzarella is named after a technique, not a place. Outside of the Italian south we are too often served up a sub-standard cheese that falls far short of the mark. No protection law … Continue reading

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