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Imagine, then Realise ‘No Compromise’ Shopping

A chance meeting with the effervescent Claudio Volpetti, co-owner with brother Emilio of one of Rome’s finest food stores located on the edge of Testaccio at Via Marmorata 47, set a thought in my mind. “After Slow Food must come … Continue reading

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Local = KmØ

Who can read KMØ? I make it easier – Km-Zero. ‘Local’ has been a term to confuse as much as please – much other clichés like ‘authentic’, ‘fresh’, ‘natural’, ‘home made’ that fall like snake oil from the copywriter’s pen … Continue reading

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Plan A: Share the Pane of Italy’s South

Recently I tasted two breads, one IGP and the other DOP. The recipes had changed little if at all since the Middle Ages. Pane – rhyming with Plan A – is at the very heart, the cuore of life in Basilicata … Continue reading

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