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There was once a pig called Jimmy

Once upon a time, many years ago near the little town of Pietralunga in the province of Perugia, a farmer had a pig called Jimmy. Jimmy was a very special pig. He was prized as a truffle hunter which is … Continue reading

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Local = KmØ

Who can read KMØ? I make it easier – Km-Zero. ‘Local’ has been a term to confuse as much as please – much other clichés like ‘authentic’, ‘fresh’, ‘natural’, ‘home made’ that fall like snake oil from the copywriter’s pen … Continue reading

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Chiazza Another Day in Paradise

Market crazy you may call me, but before writing about other bounty from Brindisi, here’s more of what and how we are denied in our food, as if it requires a logistical miracle to bring fresh produce to England. The … Continue reading

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