Hey Presto – The Truth about Real Pesto alla Genovese

I wrote a week or so back about my disgust at the surfeit of industrial pesto sold freely across this country and my delight at finding a truly splendid Genovese pesto courtesy of my friends in New York – Gustiamo – who import some of the very finiest ambient foods from Italy you’ll ever get to taste.  I’d love to set up a Gustiamo UK but that takes backing and that’s something I don’t have in these stretched times.

Take a look at www.gustiamo.com/pages/pestomaking.shtml and then www.gustiamo.com/pages/bestpesto.shtml.

Robert has been busy sharing his art in America and Italy.  He’s invited me to the world pesto fair (or is it challenge) in Genoa next Spring.  I’ll let you know if I go and report as I find.

Meanwhile I have just one jar of Rossi 1947 Pesto Genovese left. I took a jar on the Underground for a friend to sample and dizzily left it on the train as my mind was flooded with other unimportant nonsense jamming my mind waves that day.

Hold its use in sandwiches please, or as a ‘crust’ for meat cuts please - stupid ideas if ever there were, mostly from ‘sleb chef food business ‘innovators’.  Stay true to the original, as in the photograph above. Pesto stirred through trofie pasta with tiny dice each of waxy potato and fine haricot beans. Chef’s tip – let the pesto down with a small ladlefull of the pasta’s cooking water. Here it’s served with Arbois, the famous everyday wine of the Jura – a surprisingly fine pairing.

If you have the luck to be visiting Genoa or Liguria anytime soon, seek out Rossi Pesto and bring home half a dozen jars.

Ciao Roberto. Thanks Gustiamo. And bye-bye to industrial pesto.


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